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TIdSASLDigest.StartAuthentication() does not parse Challenge correctly


When TIdSASLDigest.StartAuthentication() parses the following challenge:realm="microsof-db482b",nonce="fTYdQPacyyiX1BlHyMW8N8rubUqMhEhgj5zGNkYo",qop="auth",charset=utf-8,algorithm=md5-sessEvery odd-indexed value is not unquoted correctly when split into a local TStringList, resulting in the following data that is then used to calculate an incorrect response:realm="microsof-db482b"nonce=fTYdQPacyyiX1BlHyMW8N8rubUqMhEhgj5zGNkYoqop="auth"charset=utf-8algorithm=md5-sessIt should be splitting the values into the TStringList like this instead:realm=microsof-db482bnonce=fTYdQPacyyiX1BlHyMW8N8rubUqMhEhgj5zGNkYoqop=authcharset=utf-8algorithm=md5-sess
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gambit47 wrote Jan 6, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Fixed in rev 4909.

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