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TIdPOP3Server does not allow non-TLS and TLS clients to co-exist


TIdSMTPServers allows TLS and non-TLS clients to coexist at the same time on different ports, ie non-TLS on port 25 and TLS on port 587. Users can enable/disable TLS in the OnConnect event as needed. TIdPOP3Server does not support this. The TIdPOP3Server.DoConnect() method forces all connnections to use TLS, regardless of port, if the UseTLS property is set to utUseImplicitTLS, before the OnConnect event is fired. TIdPOP3Server needs to be updated to treat TLS more like how TIdSMTPServer does.
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gambit47 wrote Dec 12, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Implemented in rev 4601.

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